Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead

Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead

Mission Statement:  to return salmon and steelhead to the entire length of the Auburn Ravine

    SARSAS is trying to do with one stream, the Auburn Ravine, what must be done to all streams and rivers on the entire West Coast and that is to make the entire length of the ravine navigable for Anadromous Fish. 

    The health and well-being of Salmon is directly linked to that of people.  If we improve the health and well-being of Salmon, we improve the health and well-being of mankind and therefore ourselves. 

    Salmon are as resilient and adaptive as humans; when they can no longer adapt, neither can mankind.  They need our help....NOW.

Please click link below to view SARSAS Plan:

The SARSAS plan for returning salmon and steelhead to the Pacific Marine Fishery

To learn more about what SARSAS has accomplished and what it is trying to accomplish, click here to view a video about SARSAS.

    The Hemphill Dam

To All SARSAS Supporters - A Call to Action

Please write a gentle, courteous letter to Jim Bachman, Chairman of the Board of the Nevada Irrigation District (NID), urging him to put fish passage on the Hemphill Dam.  Fish passage will allow salmon get to prime spawning gravels upstream of Turkey Creek Golf Course.  In your letter, thank NID for installing the fish ladder at the Lincoln Gauging Station in 2012.  NID is a good group and has done much to help SARSAS accomplish some of its goals.  

Be courteous, but show NID that many people want NID to act rapidly on fish passage at the Hemphill Dam.  The fish will be back in October of 2014.  Time is of the essence.  Please write a letter and mail it today.

Jim Bachman
Chairman of the Board
Nevada Irrigation District Business Center
1036 West Main Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945

A Special Video Prepared by Phil Robertson

As you may know, Chinook Salmon in Central California have been shut out of most of their historic spawning grounds.  One organization which is trying to help by removing barriers to the salmon is SARSAS (Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead).  I have attempted to support their efforts through my photography.

Below is a link to a video put together by the talented Steve Hubbard of Gold Country Images (a SARSAS board member) using my free-form poetry.  I hope you like it.  

Steve put together all of the images, the words are mine.  I speak softly so please turn your volume up.  You may need to copy this link into your browser.

Thank you.   Phil Robertson
Click here to view the video.

How Wolves Change Rivers

We never really know how fragile and delicate our ecosystem is until we can see something like this happen.  

In 1995. wolves were reintroduced back into Yellowstone National Park after almost a 70 years absence from the area.  What happened next astounded researchers, who soon discovered that areas once devastated by an overabundant deer population soon began to thrive again. The wolves hunting reformed the deer population's behavior, which caused the forestry to flourish.  This in turn caused birds, beavers, and other animal populations to thrive.  

This in turn led to the most astonishing discovery: the wolves has caused the rivers to change.  The patterns, the flow, and the river behavior all began to adapt to this new ecosystem that was created because the wolves were present.

Click here to view the interesting video, How Wolves Change Rivers.

There are many more related articles and videos on The Sustainable Man website.


SARSAS meetings hosted by Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt are held on the fourth Monday of every month at 10 am at the Domes, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, Ca 95603.  Meetings are held to one hour.

April Meeting: Monday, April 28, 2014

Featured speaker: Tony Frayji
Frayji Design Group
"Update on Village I Development near Hemphill Dam at the Turkey Creek Golf Course"

Future Meetings

May 19, 2014: Jeff Parks
State Water Resources Control Board
"Update on the Drum Spaulding Relicensing, Wise Powerhouse"

June 23, 1014: Carrie Thompson
Division Chief Habitat Restoration
Regional Coordinator Partners for Fish and Wildlife
"Fish and Wildlife and Schoolyard Habitat Programs and Ophir School Habitat Restoration"

Free Medication Take-Back Day
"Keeping our kids and water drug free."
Free Anonymous Drop-Off
Unused and Expired Medications
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Various Locations

For more information click here.

Next Barrier Needing a Fish Ladder and Fish Screen on Auburn Ravine

The Hemphill Dam is the next target for fish passage. It is an Nevada Irrigation District Dam. NID just put a fish ladder on the Lincoln Gauging Station last November which really allowed salmon to reach the first marginal spawning gravels below Hemphill Dam. Once HH is retrofitted for fish passages, salmon will be able to reach prime spawning grounds moving 6 miles upstream to the Gold Hill Dam, another NID Dam.

One of the Reasons SARSAS is Now at Work
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